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Following are the catalogs I have for sale. The list is fairly long, so you can use your web browser's scroll bar to page down through the entries. You can also click on any of the cover pictures to see some sample pages from the catalog -- but be aware that the pictures are large and will take some time to download.




STANLEY. CARPENTERS' & MECHANICS' TOOLS. THE STANLEY RULE & LEVEL PLANT. NEW BRITAIN, CONN, CATALOGUE NO. 120. (1923 edition.) 8 5/8" x 11 1/4", 151 pp., hardcover. Illustrates, prices and describes their complete line of rules, levels, planes, spokeshaves, etc. Includes a special "New Tool" section with tool cabinets, chests, hand drills, hammers, rules, etc. There are 16 full-color plates of different tool categories. (See next listing.). This is an exact facsimile of the originals that sell for $300- $400!



STANLEY TOOLS, 1923, SET OF 16 FULL-COLOR PRINTS. 9" x 12". Same as in 1923 catalog, except printed on heavy glossy stock with wide borders for framing. Includes boxwood rules, zig zag rules, iron and wood levels, bevels & try squares, framing squares, braces, Bailey & Bedrock iron planes, wood bottom & block planes, special- purpose planes, Nos. 45 & 55 comb. planes, hammers, screwdrivers, Everlasting chisels and mitre boxes.



VAUGHAN & BUSHNELL MFG. CO. CHICAGO, ILL. FINE TOOLS CATALOGUE NO. 27. 1927. 8 1/2" x 11", 62 pp., soft-cover. Illustrates, prices and describes their complete line of hammers, hatchets, axes, iron bench and block planes, bit braces, cold chisels, nippers, etc. Two pages of the Uncle Sam brand of planes have been added. Includes 6 full-color plates of different categories.



HENRY DISSTON & SONS. KEYSTONE SAW, TOOL, STEEL & FILE WORKS. PHILADELPHIA. 1876. 6 1/2" x 10", 86 pp., soft-cover. Illustrates, prices and describes their complete line of circular, crosscut and handsaws. Also saw-sharpening and setting equipment and tools, special knives, brick trowels, try squares, bevels, marking gauges, levels --including the rare Shoff's patent (Oct. 14, 1873), files and hardware. (Original is very rare.)



SIMONDS SAW MFR. CO. FITCHBURG, MASS. CATALOGUE NO. 19. 1919. 6 1/4" x 9 1/8", 195 pp., soft-cover. Illustrates, prices and describes inserted point circular saws, band saws, pit saws, saw swages and sets, saw-maker's tools, crosscut, hand, buck, hack and butcher saws of all types. Also files and heavy duty knives.



THE H.D. SMITH & CO. DROPPED FORGED TOOLS. PLANTSVILLE, CONN. CATALOGUE NO. 25 1920.6" x 8", 36 pp., soft-cover. Illustrates, prices and describes scores of high quality "Perfect Handle Tools" manufactured by this company. Includes screwdrivers, pipe, monkey & open-end wrenches, hatchets, drawknives, chisels, pinchers, etc.



J. STEVENS ARMS & TOOL CO. Chicopee Falls, Mass. Machinists Tools Catalogue, 1901. 3 9/16" x 5 3/4" soft- cover, 64 pp. Illustrates, prices and describes their complete line of rare and important high quality calipers, dividers, surface gauges, trammel points, protractors, etc. Also includes helpful hints for the craftsman.



TOWER & LYON CATALOG NO. 12. N.Y.C., 1904. 6" x 9", 111 pp., soft-cover. Several pages of Chaplin's Improved Planes, Tower's Unique Pocket Level, The Perfection Rule Gauge, Wood's patent plumb & level with extension sights, Boardman & Tower's wrenches, Kraeuter's tools, police equipment, padlocks, etc.



MILLERS FALLS NO. 35. 1915. 6" x 9", 183 pp., soft-cover. Complete line of braces, drill braces, comer braces, hand & breast drills, bench drills, boring machines, auto-screwdrivers, iron levels, chisels, spokeshaves, tool holders, mitre boxes, foot-operated lathes, fret saws, etc.



BEMIS & CALL HARDWARE & TOOL CO. (SPRINGFIELD, MASS.) POSTER. 15 x 21 (image 11 x 16 ) on heavy paper. Ideal for framing. This is a facsimile reproduction of the original printed c. 1880. Will also provide historical facts of the company. $10.00 each post paid in a mailing tube or 2 posters together @ $15.00 post paid. Please add $5.00 for Canadian and overseas orders.


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